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Let me guess, you have a few web pages opened comparing different photographers right?

Being pregnant, although so exciting, can come with a lot of stress and decisions.

Of course you want to capture your beautiful pregnancy. Who wouldn't? Do you imagine your perfect maternity session? Its similar to dreaming of the perfect gown for your wedding. Everyone has vision. But i think we can all agree that our goal is to look and feel absolutely stunning. The glow right?

Well let me guide you, even a little bit, to what to look for when searching for your GTA maternity photographer.

What should you be looking for when choosing a GTA Maternity Photographer?


It's so important that you love their style. When scooping out the perfect maternity photographer; you want to make sure that the work they create catches your eye. But furthermore, the locations that they choose. You want to be able to truly connect with your photographers in more ways than one. Do you love how light and airy their images are? Or do you prefer a dark and moody look instead?

Do they have a client closet?

Another important thing to consider is does your photographer offer and client closet? This is very important because if not; you'll have to consider what to wear. Many photographers have client closets, with a range of beautiful gowns and accessories to match. If the photographer you are considering doesn't have a client closet, do that reccomdendations on things you can wear for your portrait session?


There are a few things to consider when it comes to location; is the photographer of your choice within a distance of you? Do they travel, or have a professional studio. Are you more interested in an outdoor session? These are important questions that you'll want to have answers to prior to reaching out to your photographer. Remember that some photographers specialize in natural light (Where they only use the natural light of outside to light their sessions) and others are more studio light (Where they have outside professional lighting to light images)


I'm a huge believer that anyone can create art anywhere they want. It's such a beautiful creative career. But as a soon to be mom, you want to make sure that you are comfortable and have a idea of what you are heading into. Does your perspective photographer have photos of their studio? Do you have access to a bathroom , Don't forget that you have a little baby constantly sitting on your blatter. If you are shooting an outdoor session, is it in a safe location, a comfortable distance for you to walk? These are impotent questions to ask. I always suggest giving your photographer a call or setting up a pre consultation to view their studio (If schedules allow)

In Conclusion

Take your time

This is such a exciting time in your life. Even with all the big and small decision to be made, capturing your pregnancy is something you will never regret. When choose your GTA photographer, you want to make sure that you love them and their beliefs are inline with your own. Happy booking, and i hope you find the perfect choice for your family. Congratulations on your blessing and have a safe delivery.