Congratulations on 1 year!

This isn't just a celebration for your little one. This is a huge milestone for the parents as well! Yes, you!

The first year is said to be one of the hardest. Whether you are a new parent or have multiple kids in, we want to celebrate you too! Take a moment to look at this post and read some important tips to keep in mind during our session. As a Toronto and GTA cake smash photographer, it's my goal to not only have fun and capture some unique beautiful images but to have fun!

1 - Bring an Extra Change of Clothes

Trust me when I say this; but many parents tend to forget that you, yes or mom or dad, WILL be covered in icing too. Most don't mind as they are probably heading home after, but I highly remind you NOT to wear your best clothes. Old sweats are perfect, and yoga pants you don't care about are great too. (Assuming you aren't going to be in the photo with your little one. It is also important to bring a change of clothes for the birthday babe too. You never know what could happen, and after their session, nothing calms down a baby more than comfy clothes to slip into.

2 - Bring Snacks and Toys from Home

Yes, snacks. Keep in mind that not every baby loves cake. Some have never even tried it before, and even though our cakes are low sugar (ZERO honey) it can be a surprise to the birthday babes' taste buds. So having a snack that they love from home is perfect! I love putting a few pieces behind the cake so it gives them a chance to look down and grab some, to give the illusion that they are touching the cake. This is also a great way to help the baby get used to being in the studio. It can be overwhelming and new being in the studio, a new environment,

Also bringing their favourite toy is also a wonderful way for them to get used to being in a new space, it can be a stuffed animal, a light-up toy or anything that reminds them of home. I also have tons of items in the studio that will get them smiling, and laughing and hopefully distract them during the transition of being in a new environment.

3 - Limit the Number of People you Bring to the Session

I know that everyone is excited to be there to celebrate your little one. Trust me I know! But having too many people in one space is very distracting and can be super overwhelming. Baby can be overwhelmed very easily; which can lead to overstimulation, and crying. I always let my clients know that bringing 1-2 people is more than enough.

5 - Book 2 Months Prior to Babies Birthday

This one is pretty crucial. I tend to book cake smashes out about 2-3 months in advance. To avoid disappointment please try to book as early as possible. I require a deposit at the time of booking, but the remaining amount won't be due until the day of our session. So it to get the date you want please contact me as soon as possible.

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