Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I am so excited that you decided to complete your pregnancy portraits with GTA and Toronto maternity Photographer. During our consultation, we will review the style you have imagined for your maternity session. That can be a very daunting process! Just know that I am here to help. How do you know what kind of style that you're aiming for? We'll let me give you a idea.

1. In-studio or Outdoor

Choosing the right vibe the best describe you and your family is SO important! I find that many clients that choose outdoors, are more outdoorsy people to start with. But that doesn't mean if you aren't you can't choose an outdoor portrait session. The best part of choosing outdoors is that you get that natural element that adds to your images, the setting sun, the beauty of trees and nature; and if we are lucky one or two animals to add into the memories. I also bring a wagon with the gowns and accessories you choose at our consultation as well as a foldable changing tent for you to change privately in. and Another alternative (Keep in mind that weather is depending) Is in studio! In studio is also an amazing option because its more available throughout the whole year! With in studio you have the full option to choose gowns (change your mind if you'd like) and choose accessories as well. We can choose a variety of coloured backdrops and try fun things like the rope swing, silk swing and unique fabrics.

2. Light and Airy or dark and moody

Everyone has a a preference. Heck some clients love to have a good mixture of both. I tend to let clients pick gowns that speak to them during our consultation. Usually based off the colours and styles they choose i have a good idea what type of session they are leaning towards, even before they know themselves. Clients that tend to lean towards neutrals and lighter colours usually like light and airy and clients that lean to heavier fabrics like velvet and a darker colour wheel including blacks and grey tend to like a moodier setting. Once I can determine what the type of session they are leaning to i can suggest props and get the set organized for their session. No matter which way you go; there is no wrong way. This is all about you and how you feel during your session. You 100% are allow to change your ind if you want to at any point.

4. Adding family members vs. having only mama!

This tends to be a big topic of discussion as well. During our consultation I always ask mama, "Will anyone else be joining us?" This is a different question for everyone. Families are different and unique and as said in the previous point, my focus is baby and mama. With that being said; if it is just mama, that is 100% okay. We will have just as a great time as if anyone else is joining. Have other members that you want included? Not a problem. I encourage furry, and immediate family members to join this joyous time! Regardless of who you include or don't include, I always make sure that clients are well hydrated and have complimentary snacks (For all ages) as well as have their favourite song playing and laughter going at all times! I want you to have such a fun time that you forget that it is a photo session. Don't focus too much on the details. I take care of that for you.

5. Adding Accessories

During our consultation we will go over accessories last. They are the best part and truly add to an image. I have a large client closet of crowns, adult and children wings , large necklaces, earrings (Which all are throughly sanitized and cleaned between clients, earrings are clip on only) wraps and hats. Everyone is very different personalities and likes and dislikes. So don't be worried if you have too many accessories or too little. Heck if you'd like to bring something from home i always encourage it too!

6. Nudity

One of my absolute favourite categories is nude maternity. I love being able to show the beauty of pregnancy in the most natural state. But I do want to debunk some thoughts that seem to tack themselves to nude maternity sessions.

  1. They are 150% your choice. You can discuss with me how comfortable you are or are not.
  2. You are allowed to tell me or any photographer that you don't want these images posted. That is your choice and right. I always let clients know that if they do not want this part of the maternity session seen, that is a-okay!
  3. No private parts will be shown. I always hide the private parts with fabrics or your own hands or with your partners body. The best part of nude maternity is that it is very tastefully done.

In conclusion

I want all my clients to remember that these images are suppose to be memories for you. To look back and remember how it felt to have your quickly growing babe in your belly. To remember how absolutely stunning maternity can be. During the months of carrying your child(ren) to may seem like such a long period as you want for your bundle(s) of joy to join the world. But in reality; it such a short time and babies grow so quickly. So please take a moment to truly enjoy your maternity and pregnancy. it'll be over before you know it and then your cuddling your little one.