Why are prints and products so important to us?

Let me tell you!

I have been a huge advocate of printing what you want to preserve. I truly want our clients to be able to enjoy their investment each and every day! No matter how big or small the product or print is. I also love mentioning to my clients that even though life is short; these images, products live on for generations. Not only in one way but many.

All prints are archival and meant to withstand many types of environments that older images in past generations haven't been able to. Have you ever noticed that your great grandparents beautiful prints start to fall apart, colours fading or the ink on the image is chipping off? These prints are more focused to last long past that with proper care. I also educate my clients on how to take proper care of each and every product they purchase with me!

I pride myself in using a high end printing lab that solely focuses on the beautiful end result. I work very closely with this lab to ensure that you receive exactly what you imagined , and it arrives in perfect pristine condition.

It is so important to pass down images and memories for generations to enjoy. I like to remind clients that even though it's so easy to save memories on your phone, usb, or even external hard drive. They won't last forever. technology is improving and changing daily; and soon, much like the floppy disk and cd; USBs will be obsolete. How will you enjoy your memories then? How will your kids, or kids kids be able to show each other the beauty of their parents and great grand parents, siblings, cousins with images on a usb?

Now I'm not saying print everything you have on your phone now. But keep in mind that those important yearly family portraits, cake smash portraits or even engagement photos, should be printed and shown! Your investment shouldn't be hiding on a USB in some drawer or in the deep archive of your computer. You want it on display to show ever guest in that comes to your home, why it is a home. Because of those memories and your family.

What are matted portraits?

As you've seen in our collections; majority of them come with matted portraits!

What is that you may ask? It is a beautiful archival matte that goes around your print to not only protect the image; but help inhances the beauty of it. These matted prints are perfect for putting on your walls by themselves, or adding frames and hanging them up as a gallery wall.

What is a Argento Box?

The Argento Box is the most beautiful way to hold your matted prints. Many clients choose to leave this box on their coffee table for guest to view through all the gorgeous images. This box can be customized by choosing fabric colours of your choice (We have about 10 colours and textures to choose from) and is a beautiful way to display your images if you choose not to hang them on the wall.

For a full list of our products in our A La Carte products please send us a message, we do go over the A La carte during our reveal and ordering appointment for addition items like albums, canvas and additional prints.